Sylvia Baptista
This is my first time taking piano lessons and I really enjoy it and Carol is so understanding and patient with me. Piano is more difficult than I thought and as you get older I think it is nice to have someone that you can learn from.
Stacey Rychlewski
Carol is incredibly talented and has the ability to successfully teach all ages and levels. She is truly invested in your musical success!
Laura Palumbo
Carol is a wonderful Piano teacher. She’s lovely with her students, they learn so much from her. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in playing piano
D Bet
My 6 year old is learning and loving piano thanks to Carol!
Carol Monnig-Lowe
As a senior beginner, Carol has made learning so much fun. Can't wait to go to my piano lessons. Her love for music as well as her love for her students is contagious. She is very knowledgeable and enjoys imparting that knowledge to all of her students both old (me) and young. Best teacher around!
Julathip Davis
My daughter has played piano since she was 5 years old. A couple years later I started learning as well and it was a challenge. Carol is so understanding and patient with me and my daughter. Thanks Carol!
SAZ LePass
My daughter wanted to learn piano and after a search for teachers in Naples, I found Carol. My daughter completed her first lesson with her and the rest is history. I like that she can be flexible with the scheduling and accommodates make-up sessions when necessary. She is patient and stuctures lessons based on the student's ability to read music. She puts on recitals which allows her students to showcase what they've learned and those are always fun to watch. Carol has made piano fun for my daughter and has been a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. Thanks Carol.
Ian Holmes
My daughter has been taking lessons with Carol for almost 4 years now. I couldn't be happier with her progress or with the instruction she's received. Carol is everything we were looking for in a teacher - knowledgeable, thoughtful, caring, and fun. My daughter looks forward to these lessons every week.
Monica Sinnamon
Carol is the best in her field. My 13 yr old grandson decided to change from playing the drums to piano over a year ago. I had inquired at another business that taught piano in the past and had also been referred to another music school by a good friend of mine. After speaking to a couple music schools/piano teachers, I chose Carol. I could tell just by speaking to her that she has a passion for teaching and for children. I had wanted to learn piano my entire life but never considered taking lessons myself until meeting Carol. I started lessons with my grandson and after the first couple lessons he said to me , “Did you ever think you would be playing with both hands already?!” Of course I didn’t. My grandson said that because I had always commented on his talent playing drums and being able to drum a different beat with each arm and leg. Carol is the most kind and patient person who truly loves what she does and cares about the people she teaches. My grandson and I look forward to a long rewarding relationship with Carol.
Dale Anderson
Great teacher and human being!
Jan Hooper
Carol is patient, talented, and a delightful teacher.
Geraldine Duren
Many years ago I played the piano as a child and started taking lessons with Carol last year. She knows how to push me just enough but not too much to get better. That is exactly what I need. She has taught me to put feeling into the performance and how important that is. I enjoy playing the piano and get a lot out of it.
Bobby Hendry
Carol is one of my favorite teachers of all time. Her great understanding of music and the love to her students is very hard to find. We've been with her almost a year and she has helped so much. My 10 year old daughter has become a much better reader of music thanks to Carol. We highly recommend her for lessons young and old. You will learn and be happier in your life.
Donna Karwoski
Carol has a way of listening to the piece and working with my strengths. I’ve been playing the piano for many years and thought I knew “how” to practice. She has shown me new ways to be a better pianist. How to put “on” my piano persona and play my very best! Thank you Carol!
Elaine Reed
Thank you, Carol, for taking Carter under your wing and teaching him how to play the piano. While he just started last year, I am so impressed with his learning (when he allows me to listen!) You're clearly a wonderful teacher, and I deeply appreciate your time, care and concern for Carter. -
Jim McDermott
After retiring I decided to take lessons to play the piano. I found Carol Schrader in Naples. She was just who I needed. I'm 68 years old and thought it would be difficult at my age to learn. Carol is kind and patient, taught me to read music, attain proper posture and correct fingering, and in a short period of time I was on my way. I would recommend her to students of any age, and I have!
John W. Krupp
At 7 years old, my daughter is very shy and nervous. She expressed an interest in playing the piano and my wife and I searched for local lessons in Naples. We met a few people, but Carol was who we chose, as she was the only one who instantaneously made a connection with my daughter. Within four months of lessons, my daughter is playing piano with both hands and moving up and down octaves while playing. Carol has helped her become confident in her abilities and she has helped find a way to make the piano fun, while still learning and practicing. She sets high, yet reasonable expectations of students based on their abilities, thus encouraging them to be successful. My daughter, who is naturally shy, is excited to perform in the recital this year because of her confidence in playing the piano. For most kids, getting them to practice is difficult, but with my daughter, she practices because Carol has helped her love playing the piano. Much of the reason for this is a testament to the way Carol works with her. Carol is truly one of a kind and works wonders with her students. She is a caring, compassionate teacher, who gets the most out of her students by truly getting to know her students and creating individualized instruction. We are beyond happy to be lucky enough to have Carol as our daughter’s piano teacher. If there was a 5 star rating, Carol deserves a 10. I asked my daughter to contribute to this review and her response was, “Carol is the best teacher on Earth!” Children do not lie!
I started piano lesson when I was 62 years old. I learned to play the piano as a child and I find it very therapeutic. I love playing the old standards. Carol keeps me learning and improving at the piano. She pushes me sometimes but always inspires. I love playing the piano!
I'm so grateful for Ms. Carol, our piano teacher at Piano Lessons Naples. My son was having behavioral issues at school He had been tested for ADHD as requested by the school. I did research on piano lessons and came to the conclusion that this might help if the teacher is the right one. I had tried so many other things. Within weeks, he showed improvement. Now he is in the gifted program at school and received the highest score possible on the FSA. He is also setting a great example for my younger daughter, who also take piano lessons. Thank you Ms. Carol!