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About Carol

I inherited my love of music from my dad, who taught himself to play drums during the Great Depression when there was no money for piano lessons. He made sure I had piano lessons starting from the age of seven from the nuns at a Catholic school. Driving an hour to work and back, Dad had a lot of radio listening time in the car. Lyon & Healy Music Store was next to the bank and Dad would bring sheet music home for me of songs he heard and loved. Together, we would sit on the piano bench and he made sure I was playing in the correct rhythm. There was always music playing in our home, which I now recognize as an invaluable music education. Although Dad was a bank chairman, he continued to play the drums with his group throughout his life, and always encouraged my piano playing through college and beyond. To this day, although he's no longer here, I feel Dad's presence closest to me when I'm playing the piano and when I'm teaching, passing along our great love of music.

Elite Corps Program

Those who are eligible exhibit a love of music in general and playing the piano in particular. They recognize the lifelong benefit of learning how to play the piano well and strive for that goal. They meet the requirements of regular lessons and progress regardless of level. Benefits include opportunities to participate in studio special events, concerts, parties, etc. as well as recognition and status at the studio and recitals. These students have opportunities to learn special arrangements and supplementary music. The goal of the program and my teaching philosophy is: There is a point at which a piano student finds him or herself one with the music being played. Emotion is felt from the music, and back from the musician to the instrument. It is then that the student is transformed into a true pianist and will love playing for the rest of their lives. This is a true "Aha!" moment and what I strive for with each of my students.